Lock using Vampire Drain on two Clockworks

Vampire Drain is a Special Attack that Drains an enemy's life force, restoring the user's health. It can be used on multiple enemies at once.

Learning Vampire DrainEdit

After Day 37, Lock receives orders to deploy to Brookwood Camp. However, he is unable to leave the city due to clockwork attacks. The player must then complete a Siege game to advance. After completing the game, the Veteran in charge of the turret teaches Lock Vampire Drain.


Lock applies Vampire Drain to a target by sliding a bar from one end of its slider to the other first one, then two, then three, after which it is reset to one. The target affected by Vampire Drain is marked by a red tear-shape and red medical cross-link over their head, as well as a stream of red diamond shapes traveling from them to Lock. After the drain effect is applied, the target's health is continuously drained for 6-7 seconds, refilling Lock's health at approximately 2.5 bars per second. The effect does not stack if the effect is applied to multiple enemies. there is technically no limit as to how many targets can be drained at once, but due to the 6-7 second time limit, it is difficult to drain more than four enemies at one time.