The Recruit Test is a test administered by Kenan on Day 13 to test Lock's knowledge of Archineer history. The test consists of four questions randomly selected from a pool of twelve possible questions.


There are twelve possible questions, though Kenan only asks four. The answers to the questions are listed, with the correct answers in bold.

The Archineer Hall is world famous. What city is it located in?
The Archineer Hall is:

In Antonia
In Seacrest Shores
In Warren Forest

Chief Archineer is the highest rank of Archineer. Who is the Chief Archineer?
The Chief Archineer is:


Surely you know that we are at war right now. Who are we fighting against?
Our enemy is:

The Mechros
The Gearbots
The Clockworks

Walls can be made of many kinds of materials. What makes the strongest walls?
The strongest wall is:


Archineers aren't the only force on the battlefield. Who are we protected by?
We are protected by:

Kingdom Force
Source Brigade
Nation Warriors

There are different kinds of Clockworks. What is the most basic unit?
The basic enemy is:

Clockwork Flyer
Clockwork Soldier
Clockwork Knight

Agony was defeated in the Great War. What was the name of the Archineer who defeated him?
Who defeated Agony:


Every Archineer can repair walls and turrets. What is this ability called?
Repairing is called:


Traps are a basic part of an Archineer's arsenal. How long do traps last?
Traps last until:

Triggered by enemy
The day ends
Scrapped for source

Agony's defeat was a great moment for all Archineers. Where did this take place?
Agony was defeated at:

Dark Ridge
Slime Swamps
Cave of Dread

Archineers have a rank system. What is the first and basic rank of the Archineer guild?
The first rank is:


Archineers have many abilities, but they are not unlimited. What has an Archineer never succeeded in doing?
Archineers can not:

Drain enemies' source
Create source wells
Shoot lightning bolts

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