Ratcheting is a technique for repairing structures more quickly. It is a must-have skill for any archineer.

Ratcheting repairs structures faster than regular repairing and uses less Source. Ratcheting involves sliding a handle on the touch-screen back and forth as many times as shown within the ratchet. With each swipe the target is repaired more.

  • 1st swipe: +16 repair, -8 source
  • 2nd swipe: +24 repair, -8 source
  • 3rd swipe: +32 repair, -8 source

Repairing without ratcheting only repairs +8 for -8 source, so ratcheting is more efficient. The most efficient way to repair is to wait until the structures are very damaged and the number in the ratchet is 3, to get the repair bonus. However, this is risky as it requires that the structures become very damaged, and they may be destroyed before they can be repaired. One may be very strapped for Source before attempting this.