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Placeholder person
Rank Unknown
Faction Archineers (during Great War), Clockworks
First appearance
Status Thought dead, now actually dead

Jacob is one of the heroes of the first Great War. He fought side by side with Kenan at the famous battle of Dark Ridge. Jacob is said to have defeated Lord Agony single-handedly, thus ending the war. However, after the explosion that took Agony's fortress, no remains were found.

Rise of the Second Lord Agony Edit

In the final moments in Agony's fortress, Agonius revealed to Jacob his life's work, Lock. After Agony transferred his soul to Lock, Jacob took Lock and raised him as his own in a village by the sea. Jacob took the name Tobias.

After the death of the original Agony, Jacob turned to a self imposed exile, studying Agony's work and attempting to replicate it, these experiments eventually leading to the creation of Emi. Jacob spent an unknown amount of time raising Lock and Emi in relative seclusion. But Jacob began building a second clockwork army. He took up the mantle of Lord Agony and began a new war for the kingdom. It should be noted that his new Clockworks were inferior to the original, being weaker and less intelligent than Agonius's. Despite this, however, he continued to raise Lock and Emi normally, keeping them unaware of the war until its invasion by Jacob's own Clockworks.

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