• Hall of Heroes
  • Holding R button while loading a completed game will replace all Clockworks in battle with Kingdom Force. Clockworks in cutscenes will be replaced with Bluebits.
  • Holding L button while loading a completed game will play the ending again.

Cameos in Lock's QuestEdit

  • At Seacrest Shores, an old man mentions that he planted his Banya crop, a crop in Drawn to Life.
  • Jowee from Drawn to Life appears as a doll in the background of the Siege store.
  • Graves for Mari, the Mayor, and Wilfre from Drawn to Life can be found in Brookwood Camp.
    • Injured knights at the camp claim to have been attacked by "a shadow clockwork" that came for Wilfre's grave.
  • After completing the game a Raposa version of Mike (the only human featured in Drawn to Life) will appear in Antonia
  • There are many references in the Hall of Heroes, including references to:
    • Metal Gear Solid
    • Chrono Trigger

Lock's Quest CameosEdit

  • In the beginning of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, a doll of Bluebit is seen above Jowee's bed. On the wall next to Jowee's bed is possibly a poster of the Lock's Quest box art.
    • Emi's Bear is the Options icon in the Main Menu of Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter.