Day 93
Area Antonia Gates
Objective Protect the Gate
Build Timer 4:00
Battle Timer 3:00
Enemies Elite Soldier
Elite Archer
Elite Brute
Elite Magician
Elite Flyer
Day 92
Day 94

Day 93 begins when Lock travels to Antonia Gates, the last location in the game. There is a short scene showing Elite Clockworks killing Kingdom Force. Lock then enters and confronts Lord Agony (as Tobias) who once again sakes Lock to join him, warning him that he would be destroyed otherwise. After Lock refuses, Kenan arrives, and talks with Agony. Agony then moves towards Kenan, and a Kingdom Force Knight tries to strike him with his sword, but is killed by Agony's lightning. Agony then requests once more that Lock join him. When Lock again refuses, running into the gate, Agony begins his attack.