Day 87
Area Dark Ridge
Objective Defeat Mute
Protect Source Well
Build Timer 02:00
Battle Timer 03:00
Enemies Elite Archer
Silver Flyer
Elite Burrower
Silver Phantom
Day 86
Day 88

Day 87 is the last day in Dark Ridge, and the 87th day overall in Lock's Quest. First, it shows a cutscene where Mute says he will take them out. Heathern heads out to defeat him, whilst taking out a Elite Brute and a Elite Knight. Heathern is close to Mute, however it is a trap. Several Elite Burrowers pop out of the ground, surrounding Heathern. Mute attacks her by using fire magic. Lock calls her name, and the Elite Burrowers go underground. Mute then walks to Heathern and says 'Look what I found here. You wish to save her, don't you. Come to me, you failed experiment! Come to me and perish!' Heathern tells Lock to defend the Source Well, and Lock tells Heathern to 'hang in there'.