Dark Ridge is the location of the first Lord Agony's stronghold. It is located to the southwest of Antonia.

Dark Ridge
Map dank ridge
Type Agony's stronghold/Cutscene/Battle
Days Day 82 - Day 87
Location southwest of Antonia
NPCs Knight, Tobias, Heathern, Mute
Enemies Elite Soldier, Elite Archer, Elite Knight, Elite Brute
Silver Shielder/Elite Shielder, Silver Healer
Silver Flyer, Elite Burrower, Silver Phantom

The Great WarEdit

During the Great War, when Antonia was on the brink of destruction by Agony's Clockwork army, Kingdom Force and the Archineers launched a last-ditch effort to break through Agony's lines. The Archineers Jacob and Kenan infiltrated his fortress at Dark Ridge. Agony was defeated and the war ended. Kenan survived, and although the fortress was too damaged to find any remains, Jacob and Lord Agony were thought to have died.


  • In Dark Ridge there are three Strange Towers on the edges of the map. Their purpose is unknown, and they are not mentioned in game.
  • There is one obelisk in Dark Ridge. It is stated that there used to be another obelisk, but it was taken to Antonia after the Great War and is now located in the museum.
  • There are Elite Knights in Dark Ridge, however they are only seen in the cutscenes.