Clockwork Soldier
New enemy soldier
Faction Clockworks
Source 100
Health 174 (easy), 250 (normal), 312 (hard)
Damage 5 (easy), 8 (normal), 10 (hard)
Ability Simple melee attack;
Dangerous in groups
First encountered Tutorial (DS)
Day 1 (PS4)

The Clockwork Soldier is the most common unit in the Clockwork army. They possess a simple melee attack, but are most dangerous when in groups.


Clockwork Soldiers are the basic clockwork unit, due to the fact that they are weak and do not require much firepower to hold off. Most of the time they are seen in groups of 2-4 along with other types of clockworks. They are easily taken out by basic towers, they are not very durable, but they can overun poorly defended areas in a matter of seconds and can be a major threat with the presence of Clockwork Shielders to distract towers.


Silver SoldierEdit

Soldiers upgrade to Silver Soldiers on Day 54 (Day 40 in the PS4 version). Silver Soldiers have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Elite SoldierEdit

Silver Soldiers upgrade to Elite Soldiers on Day 72, (Day 53 in the PS4 version). Elite Soldiers have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.


Pain is the boss version of a Clockwork Soldier. Like all bosses he wears red armour and, unlike regular clockworks, does not fall apart after one day (thus meaning that he must be destroyed within the time limit for the level to be completed). Pain is fought on Day 12 at Northshore Fort and appears as a boss in Siege in Antonia West, on Siege Day 5.


The best defence to take out a bunch of Clockwork Soldiers is to use 2-4 basic towers due to their low health but they will still be able to destroy the towers if the towers are focusing on one single unit, so its also useful to step into the fight if this happens.

Other appearancesEdit

At the begining 2 knights where shown to be easily eleminated by 2 normal Clockwork Soldiers which is unusual due to the fact that later in the game Knights can easily kill them. The reason for this is unknown however it is possible that the Knights in question were exhausted, injured or simply not very good at their job.

Siege ModeEdit

In Siege mode, Clockwork Soldiers emerge from the ground anywhere on screen and walk forward. Their attack does 50 damage to the walls, and they take 1 hit to kill. When destroyed they drop 120 Source.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning


mecasoldado infantería




clockwork soldier


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