Clockwork Magician
New enemy magician
Faction Clockworks
Source 125
Health 122 (easy), 175 (normal), 218 (hard)
Damage 17 (easy), 25 (normal), 31 (hard)
Ability Has powerful ranged attacks: nullified by Anti-Magic Field
First encountered Day 19, Nomad Settlement

Clockwork Magicians are Clockworks that can use powerful elemental magic. Magicians can use an earth attack and a fire attack. It uses its magic to attack from a distance, but it has weak defense. Its magic is nullified near an Anti-Magic Field.


  • Earth attack: Drops a rock on the target
  • Fire attack: Creates a circle of fire that does damage within the circle.

Both of its attacks can be dodged, though the fire attack is harder to dodge since it affects a wider area. Both attacks do the same damage.


Silver Magician Edit

While Silver Magicians don't appear as an upgrade for the Clockwork Magician, Silver Magicians are seen after the game is completed. They replace all Clockwork Magicians. They have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Elite MagicianEdit

Magicians upgrade to Elite Magicians on Day 88 at Desecrated Road. Elite Magicians have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Mute Edit

Mute is the boss version of a Clockwork Magician. Mute is red and as the same as the other bosses, he does not collapse after the day has finished, (meaning that he has to be destroyed within the time limit to complete the level). Mute is affected by Anti-Magic Field traps. Mute also appears as a boss in Siege in Antonia South, on Siege Day 20.

Siege Mode Edit

In Siege mode, Clockwork Magicians emerge from the ground anywhere and stay in that position. For a few seconds, they do magic at the wall, doing 200 damage. It takes 1 shot to kill. When destroyed they drop 200 source.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning


mecasoldado mago





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