Clockwork Flyer
New enemy flyer
Faction Clockworks
Source 135
Health 122 (easy), 175 (normal), 218 (hard)
Damage 4 (easy), 7 (normal), 8 (hard)
Ability Immune to all traps and turrets except Flak Cannon: can destroy traps: can fly over walls
First encountered Day 32, Iceflo Tagia

Clockwork Flyers are flying Clockworks that can avoid most turret fire and destroy traps on the ground, as well as fly over walls. Their weakness is the Flak Cannon turret.


Silver FlyerEdit

Flyers upgrade to Silver Flyers on Day 68 at Marshe Lowlands. Silver Flyers have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Elite FlyerEdit

Silver Flyers upgrade to Elite Flyers on Day 92 at Desecrated Road. Elite Flyers have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning


mecasoldado volador



clockwork flier


Silver SoldierSilver ArcherSilver KnightSilver BruteSilver ShielderSilver HealerSilver Flyer
Silver BurrowerSilver Phantom
Elite SoldierElite ArcherElite KnightElite BruteElite ShielderElite MagicianElite HealerElite Flyer
Elite BurrowerElite Phantom
Bosses: PainSapperHeavyPhantom RingleaderBeastMuteWar Machine

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