Clockwork Brute
New enemy brute
Faction Clockworks
Source 115
Health 314 (easy), 450 (normal), 562 (hard)
Damage Punch: 6, Charge: 17 (easy) Punch: 9, Charge: 25 (normal) Punch: 11, Charge: 31 (hard)
Ability Has a powerful charging attack
First encountered Day 8, Northshore Fort

Clockwork Brutes are constructed with a single purpose: to destroy archineer walls and structures. They possess a charge attack, allowing them to power up and run directly into a wall.


Silver BruteEdit

Brutes upgrade to Silver Brutes on Day 60 at Ironfist Quarry, along with Beast and the Weaken Touch trap. Silver Brutes have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source. They are first introduced at

Elite BruteEdit

Silver Brutes upgrade to Elite Brutes on Day 82 at Dark Ridge. Elite Brutes have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Beast Edit

Beast (mainly mistaken as Brute) is the boss version of a Clockwork Brute. He is red, with three spikes on each shoulder and like all bosses, he cannot collapse after one day (thus meaning he must be destroyed within the time limit for the level to be completed). He possess a charging attack and sometimes, he does charging attack that does 1000 damage, completely destroying the wall. Beast is fought on Day 60 at Ironfist Quarry. appears as a boss on Antonia North, on Siege Day 10.

Siege Mode Edit

In Siege mode, Clockwork Brutes appear from the left side and walk to the tower. Once near the wall, they will punch the tower. They take 2 shots to kill, however, unlike Clockwork Knights, 1 shot does not stun them. When destroyed they drop 140 source.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning


mecasoldado bestia




Silver SoldierSilver ArcherSilver KnightSilver BruteSilver ShielderSilver BurrowerSilver HealerSilver FlyerSilver Phantom
Elite SoldierElite ArcherElite KnightElite BruteElite ShielderElite BurrowerElite MagicianElite HealerElite Flyer
Elite Phantom
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