Clockworks attacking a fort made of stone.

Clockworks are the main antagonists in the game. They are robot-like structures created out of animated armor, gears, and Source by Lord Agony. Their sole purpose is to destroy everything in their path.


First WarEdit

The original Clockworks were the creations of Agonius. After his banishment from Antonia for his refusal to halt his experiments to create life using Source, he used his considerable talent to create the original Clockworks out of animated gears and armor, using them as an army to wage war with Antonia for control of the source wells. The first war lasted a unknown amount of time. It was very destructive for both sides, but the clockworks slowly gained more and more ground. In a last ditch assault, the Archineers attacked Lord Agony's fortress on Dark Ridge. It is unknown exactly what happened within, but there was a sudden explosion and the first war ended. 

Second WarEdit

After a few years, Jacob, posing as a new Lord Agony, created a new generation of Clockworks. His, however, were inferior to the originals created by Agonius due to a imperfect design that caused them to leak Source. Additionally, Jacob's were less durable and had a limited life span as they would eventually collapse and run out of Source. Despite this, Jacob managed to wrestle a sizable area from Antonia with sheer numbers. The Clockworks overran area after area and it looked like they might win the second war. Lock was able to hold them in some areas but could not defend the whole kingdom by himself. However, after the battle of Antonia, Agony surrendered and the Clockworks were defeated again.


Periodically throughout the game, Clockworks are upgraded to Silver versions, and then to Elite (blue) versions. The upgraded versions have more health and attack power but drop more Source.

Types of ClockworksEdit

These clockworks will come in waves of mixed groups. Later in the game each type is upgraded, first to Silver type and then to Elite (blue) type, with the exception of the Magician, which does not have a silver upgrade. After you beat the game, all basic clockworks become silver, including the magician. Then all Silver Clockworks become Elite Clockworks.

Boss UnitsEdit

Boss clockworks are Lord Agony's generals, and are colored red. Unlike regular clockworks they do not fall apart after a day and therefore must be defeated in order to complete the level. They also are not entirely affected by Freeze Snares (it only affects their ability to move but not the ability to attack or damage) unlike regular Clockworks. The reason they are more stable is unknown. They are not affected by Weaken Touch traps.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning






mecha soldiers





Silver SoldierSilver ArcherSilver KnightSilver BruteSilver ShielderSilver BurrowerSilver HealerSilver FlyerSilver Phantom
Elite SoldierElite ArcherElite KnightElite BruteElite ShielderElite BurrowerElite MagicianElite HealerElite Flyer
Elite Phantom
Bosses: PainSapperHeavyPhantom RingleaderBeastMuteWar Machine