Bosses are big red clockwork versions of original Clockworks. They do massive damage and can easily destroy your defenses (especially if you put the skill on hard.) Unlike regular clockworks, they do not break apart after one day, meaning they have to be destroyed within the time limit for the day to be completed. When destroyed, they drop 1000 Source, except the War Machine, which drops 2000 source, and Lord Agony doesn't drop source. These 6 clockwork versions of bosses are the Clockwork Soldier, Clockwork Knight, Clockwork Brute, Clockwork Magician, Clockwork Burrower and Clockwork Phantom.

= Types of Bosses Edit

Siege Edit

Pain, Beast, Heavy and Mute appear in siege as bosses on the last day, and the day takes place on the night instead of the day. The Sapper also appears in siege, as a fake clockwork. He can be used in the Barracks for 500 source.

PainSapperHeavyPhantom RingleaderBeastMuteWar MachineLord AgonyKenan