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Kenan, the Chief Archineer


A sprite sheet of Archineers

Archineers are people with the ability to manipulate Source. Little is known of their history or method, but they are said to have "created the world using source" presumably using their abilities to build the cities and constructs of the kingdom.

Archineer GuildEdit

Antonia has a guild of archineers whose base of operation is the Archineer Hall. The Archineer Guild seems to serve not only as the kingdom's "architects" but as a resaerch and development and administration center. Finally they seem to function as generals and battlefield engineers during wartime, working with Kingdom Force in the Great War and the second war against Lord Agony's Clockwork army.

The guild has a ranking system of its members, from highest to lowest: Chief Archineer, Senior Archineer, numbered ranks (example: Fourth Rank,) Apprentice, Recruit.

The Archineer Hall contains a museum of Archineer history. According to the descriptions in the museum, the first Archineers were appointed by the King by divine authority and were granted long life and unparalleled wisdom; however, they were not immortal. Now, Archineers come from civilian ranks who train in the ancient tradition.

Source users outside the guildEdit

It is possible that many non-archineers are able to use source to an extent, though archineers are much more skilled with it. There are source users not tied to the antonian guild, within Antonia's borders there are also the Nomads, who live in the northern mountain and mine stone for trade.

Finally there is also a mysterious group known only as Seers. There are at least 3 of them. It is revealed that they used to be followers of Agonius, but repented their ways and now live in solitude. They appear to be composed of at least moderatly talented Archineers, with the member lock meets offering one of the most powerfull special attacks in the game. but they appear uncaring about the outside world espressing disinterest about the war, and forcing lock to question if the kingdom actually has any right to source over lord Agony.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning



The French words for architect and technology.



Architect (arquitecto) and engineer (ingeniero)



The German words for architect (Architekt) and engineer (Ingenieur)