Antonia North
Placeholder location
Type City/Cutscene/Siege
Days Accessible after Day 13
Location Antonia
NPCs Isaiah, Bluebit, Kingdom Force, Villagers, Animals
Enemies (Siege) Clockwork Soldier, Clockwork Brute, Clockwork Knight, Clockwork Archer, Clockwork Magician, Beast

Antonia North is the northern district of Antonia. It houses many refugees from the war up north. Talking to NPCs reveals that supplies are tight, due to the influx of refugees. This area is unlocked after completing the Archineer Recruit Test, administered by Kenan. The Siege minigame in this area is not required to continue, but it gives a large Source bonus. It has gates to Archineer Square, Antonia West, and Antonia East, as well as an exit to the northern mountains via the World Map. Before exiting through the north gate for the first time, there is a cutscene with Isaiah and some refugees from up north.

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